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Curtis Van Charles Sorensen is best known for his paintings of animals joyfully jumping above the horizon such as his mural City Foxes currently under the 4th Ave bridge in East Village Calgary, AB.

For the past seven years Curtis has worked as a full time artist in Calgary on projects such as the set design for Alberta Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty, murals for the City of Calgary, and Disney Studios.

His deep rooted love for nature began as a child where he spent all his free time alone exploring the riverbanks near his childhood home in Saskatoon, SK. The time he spent fishing, swimming, catching crayfish and sleeping under the stars had a deep effect on him, which laid the foundation for who he is today.

His artwork references our natural surroundings as a way of exploring concepts of change, progression and interaction. Whether it's a patch of grass in the city centre or a mountain top deep in the Rockies. For him, nature is always present, and it harnesses the ability to elevate our emotional selves.



The latest body of work is a series created using bright colours, bold brush strokes and paper collage. Each piece is made using a combination of art paper prints and painting. First, the art print is applied (animal or mountain) and then Curtis paints on to the canvas to create a truly unique piece. The canvases chosen are a birch panel and are made in Canada. Each piece is sealed with varnish for extra durability.

No two pieces are alike. From the selection of colours to the way each brush stroke is painted. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.