Van Charles Art


To date my body of work narrates an authentic adventure through the Canadian wilderness. Equipped with a backpack and a camera, I travel to the deepest points of the Canadian backcountry to capture images of nature that will later be digitally collaged, applied to hand crafted wooden supports and detailed with acrylic paint. 

This process has been my primary focus since leaving my job as a designer in 2012 and it continues to be what inspires me most. In the last four years, I have generated a flourishing list of loyal followers and clients, I have received public commissions including a large scale art installation at the hugely successful eatery, UNA Pizza & Wine (Calgary) and I have gained corporate clients like Stantec (Calgary) who is currently displaying a collection of my work in their public spaces. 

Moving forward, it is my mission to be recognized as an ambassador for the Canadian outdoor experience through my artwork. I aspire to be recognized internationally as an artist that advocates further understanding of the Canadian wild, while promoting conservation and preservation. In the future I hope to partner with like-minded organizations to create events that will further promote an environmental consciousness and an appreciation for my work.

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