Artwork featured at UNA Pizza + Wine in Calgary


I hope you're managing the new chill this fall season carries with it and can still find ways to get out and enjoy all the warm colors the cool weather brings.

I wanted to share with you an installation I recently finished at one of Calgary's favourite restaurants, UNA Pizza & Wine! I'm so excited about this!! It was an amazing project that lead to a memorable journey through the canadian rockies and into the largest installation I've ever done (the artwork is over 24 feet)!

The goal for this project was to create something that reflected Calgary's surrounding wilderness so that customers could experience an outdoor atmosphere inside.
Once the details were ironed out and the project was approved I headed out to Kananaskis Country and spent the next three days exploring and photographing the Upper and Lower lakes. We experienced several memorable moments, most notable and dangerous was encountering a mother moose with her two calves just across a narrow stream. After a brief standoff the moose and our group of three went our separate ways. 


I took the best moments selected from the trip and combined them into two mixed media artworks. Each piece was then enlarged, mounted, painted and finally installed in the restaurant.


Another incredibly exciting opportunity that has come out of this project is that the two original pieces which are about 1/4 scale in size, are going to be auctioned off and donated to a worthy cause. I'm excited to share more details about this with you soon, once everything has been hammered out!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the work yet, I would love for you to go and visit. Send me an email and let me know what you think of it! UNA is well known for their delicious menu (my girlfriend and I eat there all the time). Plus these works will be up until mid-november.

In friendship,
Curtis Van Charles Sorensen



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