Commissioned artwork for Terence Kook

What better way to kick off 2014 than to look back at those golden moments from the previous year. 2013 was pretty great and my gratitude ripples into 2014.

One client who made this past year so great is a man named Terence, a hardworking Calgarian condo owner with a respect for the natural environment and a carefully selected art collection.


Terence commissioned me last year to bring a little of Alberta’s great outdoors into his home. He wanted something that complimented his already defined style, he also wanted to see our rocky beasts to the west, the mountains. We began working together on a concept for his piece until we both had a clear picture for what he wanted.

A year after the work was installed I caught up with Terence to see how he and the artwork were getting along and this is what he had to share.


“ The work is a great addition to my home environment and it is something that I look at every morning when I am having breakfast. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live so close to the mountains and now the artwork brings it right into my home. The fact that the work is done on wood brings the outdoors inside and gives my place a rustic feel. 

There is something so peaceful and serene about the work that brings an element of calmness into my home. Having something commissioned is a special feeling as you know the work is unique and in a small way is something you helped create.”

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