Wildlife Series Doe

Wildlife Series Doe

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This piece is inspired by a recent trip to Vancouver Island. We hiked along a beach mixed with large grey rocks and bright green grass. Around the first bend, we discovered a break where the rocks arced up, hugging the clear ocean view. I pictured a young deer framed by the bright green grass, the rocks on either side, and a seemingly endless ocean stretching out behind.

A deer? How strange to picture one grazing along the ocean. It  would almost feel out of place, but truly it wouldn't. Deer are native to the area, so why would it feel like it didn't belong? Without the backdrop of an emerald forest or a calming meadow it would seem foreign in this habitat. Also a fawn this age is rarely seen alone and exposed like this. It would be unexpected to say the least, and yet so satisfying in this peculiar placement. 

I can relate. Being somewhere that is not our own, exposed and out of our element. But there is strength, growth and an opportunity to evolve here.  This fawn does belong. While it may catch us off guard, this is her home. We all have had a time outside of our own forest, displaced from our all too familiar setting. There is excitement to be had when we leave the expected, embracing the different to find ourselves in something new, something risky, something unfamiliar. 


These are printed on a heavy stock Satin Paper.


18" x 24"

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