East Village Foxes over the Rockies

East Village Foxes over the Rockies



  • This artwork with foxes jumping above the horizon was created with the feeling of being wild and free out in the Canadian Rockies.

  • The bright orange and blue colors compliment eachother making it a visually striking artwork no matter what environment it’s placed in.

  • Stamped, signed and dated by the artist on the back


The Jumping Foxes comes from one of the nine mural designs I created for the East Village Mural Project. Each design pays tribute to the animals and natural spaces weaved throughout our city, our proximity to them and how this communion elevates the culture and spirit of our communities.

One important outcome from this project was to bring a little bit of joy to passers by. These foxes playfully jumping above the horizon, or ‘mousing’ did it for me. The challenge was to create a simple composition so that it was legible when driving while keeping enough detail to walk up close and find new plants, flowers and layers every visit.

The graphic shapes in the foreground leading your eye up to the foxes was inspired by surrounding architecture. This is the shape of the George C. King Bridge connecting pedestrians and cyclists to St. Patricks Island.

I chose a simple blue and orange complimentary color palette so that the artwork is eye catching whether it be a large mural or a print on the wall in your home.


  • 48in x 24in - Print on board

  • Dark Walnut frame

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder for artwork, and is only available to purchase for a limited time until the artwork has sold out. After that, I will no longer be offering this collection for sale. All orders placed during this time won’t be available for pick up or delivery until mid-September. Thank you for your patience as I get each piece professionally printed and assembled for you.

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