Canadian Wild Diorama Series - Three Sisters

Canadian Wild Diorama Series - Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters are a trio of iconic mountain peaks near Canmore, Alberta. The three peaks are named Faith, Charity, and Hope (Big, Middle, and Little Sister). 

I've had numerous requests over the years to create my own version of this iconic place in my own way, so here it is.

I've always been inspired by these mountains. They are one of the most identifiable spots in the Rockies, and represent fond memories to so many people. 

This piece combines the Three Sisters with the bow river and tall green trees in the foreground. I like to imagine myself sitting there at the bottom, listening to the wind whirl around me, the grass beneath me, just taking it all in. 


  • Each piece is signed and stamped by the artist.


  • 24in x 18in

  • Heavy stock semi-gloss paper print

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