At Risk Wildlife Series - Grizzly Cub Over Rockies

At Risk Wildlife Series - Grizzly Cub Over Rockies



This new series tells the story of a family of Grizzly bears as they roll, jump and tumble their way through the Canadian Wilderness. The environments aren't of a specific place, they are a collection of my favourite moments captured over one or two days in a chosen location. In this case the bears travel through the foothills looking West towards the Rockies and Kananaskis Country in Alberta Canada. 

To create the design, the bears were originally painted on canvas then later merged with photo's I've taken while out in the Rockies. The result is a digital composition that doesn't look like a photograph, but it doesn't look like a painting either. It's somewhere in-between the two.



  • This artwork is available as a print on heavy stock Satin Paper


  • 12" x 12"

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