Here's just a small sampling of the CORPORATE commissions we've created over the years.





Stantec from the blue environment.jpg

PEAK | Stantec Meeting Room

FROM THE PINE | Stantec Meeting Room


LOWER LAKE | Stantec Hallway

UPPER LAKE | Stantec Hallway


BARON | Stantec Lobby


Stantec offices - Quarry Park location, Calgary

I've had the privilege to create artwork for the Stantec, Quarry Park offices on two separate occasions. In total they now have six of my pieces spanning over three different floors. They're displayed in boardrooms, reception areas, and hallways. I am extremely proud of this project and the ability to enhance their new office space.

We worked hard when designing our new office space to make it a place where our employees wanted to come to every day and where they enjoyed being. It was an exciting time to watch the space nearing completion. When this artwork was installed there was a feeling of completeness – it felt like the finishing touch that we needed to bring the space all together.

We’ve receive numerous compliments from visitors and employees wanting to know more about the artwork and the artist.

The artwork is a positive addition to the overall design of our office space which is a mix of timeless neutrals with hits of colour to create energy throughout the space. Bringing these amazing images from our own backyard into our working environment reminds us to value and appreciate where we live.
— Deb Henderson, Stantec offices - Quarry Park location, Calgary

armstrong and partners

Armstrong & Partners Law Firm

CASTLE, 2013

Una two Environment.jpg

Una Pizza + Wine

Working with Una Pizza + Wine was an amazing project that lead to a memorable journey through the Canadian Rockies and into the largest installation I've ever done (the artwork is over 24 feet)! This work was displayed for 6 months in the restaurant in 2014.

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